A  few words about us....

mango furniture

Mango Furniture  Co. Inc. is a family-owned and operated wholesale company that has been in the line of furniture for over 20 years. What makes us stand apart from the others is our manufacturing unit in India.  This business is also owned and operated by the Mango family which allows us to produce well-designed, high-quality furniture at competitive prices. The perfect blend of both businesses allows us to emerge from the crowd and provide our customers with the utmost best product.

We take pride in our collaboration with various Brick & Mortar stores as well as our designer clients to bring the latest designs to the market. Our design team in the factory works closely with our clients on the minute details of the product to bring perfection to each and every piece. Our factory uses modern equipment, continuous training, and strict quality control measures.

With products from Mango, you will be able to deliver a wide range of distinctive colors, remarkable styles, and enduring quality to meet your customers’ demands because at Mango we are dedicated to meeting their needs as well as yours!

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